Curriculum Integration and Outreach

We will augment UHM undergraduate courses with real-world data from within the Ala Wai watershed. We will integrate a coordinated field monitoring and sampling program into cross-cutting existing courses. OCN 101, 201, 310, 310L, 320, 363, 399, 401, 457, 623, 633; GG 106, 640; PLAN 620; NREM 301, 662, 664; and EDCS 640P, EDCS 623 can all use the data derived from the student observing system to teach basic environmental science principles and data evaluation. Classes such as OCN 310, 310L, and 401 could propose specific deployment and sampling strategies to guide new observational networked nodes for subsequent semesters. Students enrolled in OCN 318 and 418 would consult with the other classes for specific sampling needs and scientific rationale, and then design, build, test, and deploy new instruments to provide a complete collective student-led workflow.